Welcome to the Global Resource Bank Network – GRBnet

Is it too late to prevent us from self-destructing? No, for we have the capacity to design our own future, to take a lesson from living things around us and bring our values and actions in line with ecological necessity. But we must first realize that ecological and social and economic issues are all deeply intertwined. There can be no solution to one without a solution to the others.
Jean-Michel Cousteau

Because the earth’s natural resources are the foundation of economics the solution to poverty and pollution is to invest in the products of ecosystems such as natural energy, air, water, land, food, shelter, climate, etc. In order to gain economic security we must value Earth’s natural resources.

The GRB Eco Currency Program

Everyone owns one share in the GRB. Shareholders value the earth’s wealth of natural resources at six quadrillion (q) GRB ecos (e). The GRB converts US dollar assets to GRB ecos. The GRB eco reserve supplies shareholders accounts with e50 per day for 20 years. The GRB invests e1.5q in ecosystems and e250 trillion (t) in the GRBnet. The GRB eco income account earns ecos from an eco-impact charge on shareholder and commercial accounts and balances ecos with the GRB reserve to maintain equilibrium. The shareholders average impact sets the shareholder account charge, and the impact of their goods and services sets the commercial account charges. Two percent of GRB income maintains the GRBnet and e50 per day supports GRB shareholders for life. Shareholders invest 5% of their GRB eco income in ecosystems. The eco value of natural resources and GRB percentages adjust to shareholder feedback. After one year of inactivity GRB accounts revert to the reserve. The majority chooses the GRB manager.

GRB Shareholders Q&A

Are GRB ecos a natural commodity backed global reserve currency that transfers the universal value of natural resources? Yes.

Why do GRB ecos have the buying power of dollars? Because 7 billion people x e50 per day x 20 years equals e2.55q, plus e1.5q are invested in ecosystems, and e250t in the GRBnet, leaving e1.7q in reserve.

Does the GRB eco reserve settle $70t in national debt to in exchange for national assets? Yes.

Do 7b people bring e350b from the GRB reserve to free global markets every day for 20 years? Yes.

Does the GRB economy make nation-states, fiat money, debt, taxes, tariffs, politics, corruption, hunger, greed, inequality, racism, ignorance, labor, scarcity, borders, armament, and warfare obsolete? Yes.

Does debt obstruct life, liberty, equality, freedom, security, peace, prosperity, innovation, cooperation, trade, communication, and a global society that values our common wealth of natural resources? Yes.

How do we grow natural resources? Natural light, energy, air, water, land, food, shelter, climate, law, biodiversity, photosynthesis, and consciousness grow with GRB eco investments in ecosystems, communication, conservation, education, disarmament, science, technology, health, art, etc.

Do the GRB shareholder investments in ecosystems convert polluted areas to natural habitats? Yes.

Are the GRB commercial accounts transparent, and do women, as the guardians of children and elderly shareholders, convene a direct democratic shareholder majority that guides the GRB eco program? Yes.

Do GRB eco wages, salaries, and earnings, supplement the GRB shareholders basic eco income? Yes.

How do we access and secure our GRB accounts? With bio identification and blockchain technology.

Can everyone begin the GRB now? Yes! Simply network the GRB now.

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